Le Photo Club  ARTEC présente

Le 25ème Reflet Mondial de la Photographie

Presentation of the 25rd "Reflet mondial de la photographie"

a text by our mayor, M. Brigitte Aubert Mayor of Mouscron

Inventions have multiplied themselves at an accelerated speed. They have shaken the landscape of social communication. In this vortex photography remained loyal to itself. It kept hold of its place at the heart of human relations. Photography is indeed unique. It follows the technological evolutions, but at the same time respects the foundations. It is the principal witness of any events that happen in life, private or public. It does more than translating reality, it questions it. If photography is a mirror, then it is a mirror which reflects. Photography is clearly art. It is an honour for Mouscron to welcome an event such as the Reflet Mondial de la Photographie. It connects our city to beautiful art, sometimes sharp, sometimes accessible, sometimes intimate, sometimes universal. In its own way, the Reflet Mondial puts our city on the world map. In name of the City of Mouscron I would like to thank the organisers who have offered us this excellent manifestation of culture for so many years.



Brigitte Aubert

Mayor of the city of Mouscron