Le Photo Club  ARTEC présente

Le 25ème Reflet Mondial de la Photographie

Our guest of honor: Carole Deschuymere

Presentation :

During a conversation some time ago, a friend told me: « sometimes the most important thing is to travel in our head. » A long sentence, but with this little bit more to evoke the dream. Clouds have always been carriers of dreams for me. Maybe it is because they are malleable, have multiple forms, are static but also rapid in their movements; in short it is their complex side that I like, because their form permits all possible interpretations.

There is also a lot of nuance in clouds. A cloud is « un nuage » in French and « nuage » and « nuance » are almost the same word. Many of the pictures in this exhibition are in black and white. The contrast of black and white reminds me of the important moments in photography. Like the work « Hudson and Manhattan » by Cartier Bresson, « The face in the surf » by Robert Capa, the pictures of the Belgian artist Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt, or the images of the landscape in Somerset by Don Mc Cullin. But for me black and white is also the intensity of the paintings of Pierre Soulages.

With this exhibition I want to show that wherever we travel, there are always magical places and moments.

Portrait Harry Fayt

François de Brigode

 (Photographe Stéphane De Coster)

Slideshow of the guest of honor.