Le Photo Club  ARTEC présente

Le 24ème Reflet Mondial de la Photographie

Presentation of the 24rd "Reflet mondial de la photographie"

a text by our mayor, M. Alfred Gadenne Mayor of Mouscron

A picture is a memory  

It is the memory of women and men, families, societies, cities and countries.
It is the memory of the world!
Rare are the inventions that have fixed time in such a precise and indelible way.
A picture allows us to construct a future thanks to a serious knowledge of the past.
That past that gives us so many precious lessons, moulded in the good and less good experiences.
To remember it is not enough to collect pictures. We have to interact with them…
The Photo-Club ARTEC makes us remember the relevance and nobility of photography, every day for its members, once in a while during events as the Reflet Mondial.
No matter if the technique is modern or old…
No matter the objective, artistic or testimonial
No matter the author, beginner or more advanced
The Photo-Club ARTEC tells us that pictures have to be best friend of Men.



Alfred Gadenne

Mayor of the city of Mouscron

a text by Michel Franceus, our councillor of cultural affairs in the city of Mouscron

The animals sick from the siesta


The photography of animals has always attracted photography takers.
The animal, especially when in movement, seduces with its presence in the world and its original physical heritage.
It is beyond this animal that the photographer recognizes himself, captured in the well-seized moment of its shooting.
The numerical photography has only strengthented this phenomenon because it authorizes the infinity of photography, from the instantaneous truth to the more elaborated retouch.
Thanks to all our photographers to pursue, like Icarus, their flight to the absolute.


Michel Franceus
Councillor of cultural affairs in the city of Mouscron