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Le 24ème Reflet Mondial de la Photographie

Our guest of honor: Carole Deschuymere

Presentation :

Carole Deschuymere has always been very artistic, but she only started to fully use that talent in 2010 when she found a new passion in Botswana: wildlife photography. Though, when she came back from her trip, she wasn’t fully satisfied of the result: there were some technical flaws in the pictures she took. She then decided to take some evening courses to improve, but the courses didn’t go fast enough for her.

That is why Carole Deschuymere decided to take some classes with two photographers, one Belgian and one Dutch, who gave her the necessary elements to progress. She then was able to improve more quickly and learned a lot by herself, using, among others the Photoshop-technique.

Currently, and almost always by herself, she lives with the wild animals in between Botswana and Zimbabwe, driving her Land Cruiser and sleeping in her small tent. It is in their neighbourhood that Carole Deschuymere feels at home.

Portrait Harry Fayt

Carole Deschuymere

 © www.carole-wildlife.co

Slideshow of the guest of honor.